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Small and mighty

fitto is revolutionizing the supplement industry by transforming one-size-fits-all packages into scoop size pods that are managed and monitored by the smart bottle cap.

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We all have unique bodies and workout routines. How to effectively follow your supplement routine?

  • Convenient

    Personal to you, mobile, interactive, and monitors your plan.

  • Effective

    Connect all your fitness data points and allow who you choose to manage your plan, so you get maximum results.

  • Effortless

    fitto automates your orders and constantly learns your habits so all you have to do is follow intake prompts from your smart cap.


Digital health in a pod

Imagine all powder-form products repackaged into single-serve pods, just as Nespresso did for instant coffee. No more awkward packaging, storage problems, and messy scooping.

Coupling the fitness tracking software with the single-serve pods, fitto leverages the data to enhance your fitness and your preferences to effortlessly guide you to reach your optimal fitness and overall health goals.


Not just another fitness app, it's fitto

First of its kind app that can automatically follow your supplement consumption habits and smartly guide you through your supplement intake plan to achieve your goals.


Let fitto, experts, and brands suggest personalized tips to improve your habits

Secure Data

Your data is private and will be used only for your specific needs and rules

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Explore experts

Choose who you trust to set up your plan or let fitto's engine to suggest popular plans for your type of profile

One stop shop

Centralizes your fitness/health services and wearables data while providing tailored nutrition articles in one place


How it works?

End to end service of personalized plans, home delivery, compact packaging, and automatic reordering.

Choose your plan

Choose your favorite brand and the products you wish fitto to repackage in our smart bottle-pods system.

Choose Brand

Choose Powder Product

Enter your email on the bottom of this page and we'll notify you when we will be ready to pack pods for your request.

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Get your pods

Protein, Pre-workout, Multivitamin, Fat burners, and Creatine are just some of our environmental friendly single-serving pods, designed for your unique body and goals.

fitto will repackage your supplement plan in easy to use pods that you can take around!

Drink on the go

Your pods are delivered right to your doorstep. Let the smart cap remind you when it's the most effective time to take your pod.

All you need to know and do along the way, in one place. We are dedicated to centralizing all your fitness data in one place with clear reports of your progress.

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Choose your favorite

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