Our first stock is all sold out 馃槺Due to high demand, we are improving our production and soon we'll be able to supply a larger variety of products, brands, and flavors.
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When technology meets supplements

Now it's easier to choose, store, carry, and drink all of the nutrition supplements you need in capsules.

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Minimum Effort - Maximum Results

Our vision is to move the powders from all the nutritional supplement companies you love to personalized capsules. The capsules can be consumed through a specially developed shaker that provides a comfortable, technological, and enjoyable user experience.

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Choose what fits you

At fitto, we understand that every person has different needs. That is why we have developed bottles that come in different colors, with nutritional supplements in different flavors, and an expanding variety of well-known and leading brands.

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As an athlete and coach, you need nutritional supplements not only before and after training but also during. fitto is a revolution in individual dosages in both use and mobility.

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Udi Friedrich

Triathlon coach and nutrition instructor for 25 years

I have been using supplements for many years and have seen many different and creative solutions. Until I was exposed to fitto, no solution solved the problems of product accessibility.

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Saar Sucar

Coach and Nutrition Instructor, Mr. Israel for 2018

As an athlete, I've dealt with preparing supplements for before and after training, fitto allows me the comfort I never thought possible. I believe all sports teams will adopt this way of consuming supplements in the near future.

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Amit Bier-Katz

Basketball player, Center, Super League

What's your flavor

Every week we add a variety of brands, types, and flavors. It's worth following!

Why should you only consume through capsules

Delivery straight to you

It starts with home deliveries and continues with the ability to take capsules to the office and gym. If you forget a capsule, don't worry! The capsules will be accessible at all the institutes in the country.

Personalized Nutrition

fitto learns your consumption behavior and dynamically recommends capsules, dosages, schedules, and custom articles - according to your body, age, and fitness goals.

Quality and Freshness

The best brands, with the leading packaging quality in the country, and a shelf life 3 times longer than the oxidized powders with each opening of the container.

Popping Challenge

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In the future, the smart bottle

We will soon launch a health and sports app that communicates with the fitto smart bottle. The smart bottle will flash as a reminder to take a capsule and simultaneously track your progress towards your goals.

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