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The revolution has started. Through fitto, it's now easier to choose, store, carry, and drink all of the nutrition supplements you need in capsules.

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Personalized all-purpose nutritional supplements

Acai, fruit, superfoods, protein, roots, greens, and more! Every week we add a variety of brands, types, and flavors.

פיטו קומבינציה חלבון ותוספי תזונה

Starter Pack | Protein | Vanilla

19.5g Protein Whey Protein Vanilla

Shaker 750 ml + 30 capsules | 6 Sleeves |

Contains 25g per serving, 19.5g protein.
When luxury, serenity, and sweetness meet.
Recommended to prepare with milk, soy, or similar substitute.

fitto's capsules contain quality nutritional supplement powders from a variety of leading brands. The encapsulation process is done strictly in the brand factories themselves and under strict quality and production standards. fitto's capsules create an optimal protective shell that ensures powder freshness and flavor over time.

Using fitto's revolutionary shaker, all that's left to do is: load, pop, shake, and drink!

Minimum Effort - Maximum Results

Our vision is to move the powders from all the nutritional supplement companies you love to personalized capsules. The capsules can be consumed through a specially developed shaker that provides a comfortable, technological, and enjoyable user experience.

How it works

Why capsules?

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Max freshness in every use

Easy mobility for the gym or trips


Half the amount of plastic than the big tubs

Simple to pop capsules everywhere

Choose a different flavor for every drink

The right dosage in every serving


Easy to store the capsule sleeves

Access to capsule at clubs and gyms

פיטו קומבינציה חלבון ותוספי תזונה

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