How it works

When technology meets supplements


You choose. We provide. You take and develop according to your plan. Anywhere anytime.

1. Order fitto's starter pack.
2. Place the capsule on top of the crown.
3. Place the lid on top of the capsule and push down without twisting the lid.
4. Pick up the lid and throw away the used capsule.
5. Close the lid and start shaking.

How it used to work 

Messy packaging and brand focus on marketing

Many of the nutritional supplement brands have quality ingredients but no connection to the customers. Here, we enter the picture and create a revolution in the personalized supplement industry for our customers.


How we do it 

Simplified, automated, and personalized

We eliminate the mess of powders by repackaging the various brands into serving-sized capsules. The capsules make the process of carrying and storage your supplements easier while ensuring each supplement dose is sealed from air and moisture penetration. The encapsulation process is done carefully in the brand factories immediately after the production of the powders, to maintain freshness and a rich taste over time. But the process does not end here. With the fitto app, you can customize products and receive reminders that fit into your routine. Finally, fitto allows you to automate your repeat orders. Everything is under your control.