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When technology meets supplements

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How did it worked till fitto

Pack generic products and brand the hell out of it

Many supplement brands have the motivation to give their customers great products but since they have weak connection with customers, they have to put all their effort into generic research and marketing instead of R&D. If brands had a better understanding of consumer's body needs and behavior, they could personalize products. Furthermore, there is a daily frustration of large, bulky supplement powders. Here's where fitto revolutionizes the supplement industry. 

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How we do it

Simplified, automated, and personalized.  

By repackaging trusted brands' products into a single-serving pod, we can eliminate the mess around powders. It's not just easier to store and carry, it also has a much longer shelf life. With the fitto app, you can personalize the nutrients you need and get reminders to take your pods at various intervals based on your goals. Finally, the smart bottle counts the pods remaining and you choose when fitto reorders the next sleeves. Automating your reorders allows you to better stick to your fitness and/or nutrition goals.

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How you do it

1. Order fitto's starter kit
2. Download fitto's app and fill your body details 
3. Choose your goal and get a tailored plan
4. Follow the reminder on the go
5. Follow your development and adjust when needed

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