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Now it's easier to choose, store, carry, and drink all of the nutrition supplements you need in capsules.

Meet the capsules

Choose what fits you

At fitto, we understand that every person has different needs. That is why we have developed bottles that come in different colors, with nutritional supplements in different flavors, and an expanding variety of well-known and leading brands.

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Minimum Effort - Maximum Results

Our vision is to move the powders from all the nutritional supplement companies you love to personalized capsules. The capsules can be consumed through a specially developed shaker that provides a comfortable, technological, and enjoyable user experience.

How it works

As an athlete and coach, you need nutritional supplements not only before and after training but also during. fitto is a revolution in individual dosages in both use and mobility.

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Udi Friedrich

Triathlon coach and nutrition instructor for 25 years

I have been using supplements for many years and have seen many different and creative solutions. Until I was exposed to fitto, no solution solved the problems of product accessibility.

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Saar Sucar

Coach and Nutrition Instructor, Mr. Israel for 2018

As an athlete, I've dealt with preparing supplements for before and after training, fitto allows me the comfort I never thought possible. I believe all sports teams will adopt this way of consuming supplements in the near future.

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Amit Bier-Katz

Basketball player, Center, Super League

The world of nutritional supplements and shakers has no change or modernization in recent years. fitto brings the revolutionary idea of ​​choosing a variety of supplements from leading brands without committing to one brand and flavor combined with convenience desired by customers; it’s not hard to see them conquering the world.

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Iron science

Nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle magazine

What's your flavor

Every week we add a variety of brands, types, and flavors. It's worth following!

Why fitto?

Personalized Nutrition

We learn your consumption habits to provide you with a personalized consumer experience in addition to nutritional tips regarding your supplement intake and the needs of your body.

Quality above all else

Our capsules have a long shelf life, maintaining freshness and flavor until you need it.

Time Saving

Our capsules will save you precious time and will prevent you from missing dosages. When you need a dose, the capsule will always be available.

Wide Variety

We present a wide range of brands and flavors, regularly updated and diversified to meet your wants and needs.

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If you provide services in the field of health and sports, you will know that at fitto we are familiar with the challenges involved in communication, management, and monitoring a wide range of clientele. Get a proposal for a revolutionary and simple solution! fitto's partnership program gives you the ability to identify and analyze the athletic behavioral habits of your customers, increase your exposure outside the realm of social networking, and of course, you can publish professional articles on our excellent blog. For more details on the partnership program click here.

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