Our story starts from people


It started with a personal difficulty

fitto is an idea created primarily from personal difficulty in consuming supplements in the daily lives of its two founders.
The founders have come up with an idea that strives to put an end to such a cumbersome operation of knowing that it should be completely simple. They realized that:

  • When consuming the dietary supplement the freshness disappears (sits a lot of time in a bucket and the consumer is forced to use them quickly or buy new ones).
  • The packaging is made of lots of plastic which pollutes the environment, and is very annoying to the user.
  • Commitment to one taste when buying a dietary supplement and without the ability to diversify. Consumers do not like to commit to one taste, and are disappointed by the short shelf life of the products.
  • In gyms, the process that the user goes through when consuming the dietary supplement is "unpleasant" (a contaminating plastic bag is sometimes required to store the dietary supplement).
  • There is no brand loyalty- people do not stick to their supplement program because they just forget to take and buy products again.
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    fitto's journey 

    The journey began with trips used to develop the initial idea in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco - where Yaniv and Ari (the founders) researched gym culture, learned from successful dietitians in their field and made extensive connections with sports brands and international nutritional supplements. When fitto first evolved from a product idea, attempts were made to develop a dozen prototypes before the two reached the development of the perfect product that exists today.

    Through perseverance and working with leading industrial designers and manufacturers in the fields of sports and nutrition from Germany and Israel, the great result we use today has been obtained - a smart and elegant shaker, which combines portable capsules that store the various nutritional supplements and powders.


    When Yaniv and Ari first met

    Ari burst into consciousness as a project manager in the field of IoT at Intel, where he worked around the clock. Due to the heavy pressure and multiplicity of tasks, Ari inevitably missed snacks as a matter of routine.

    Yaniv has always had an intense lifestyle of work and a healthy and sporty lifestyle, but he soon realized that he was unable to meet the nutritional supplement program he was trying to specialize in, remember to take the products, and commute with them.

    It all started when the two met in a cafe somewhere in late 2016. Since then, they work back and forth, all day long, researching the Israeli, American, and German food supplement market from A to Z and drawing conclusions that brought us to this very day, today In it, skin and tendons were removed and an idea became a reality.

    At fitto we emphasize:

    • Entrepreneurship for the betterment of the quality of life of our customers.
    • Using the latest technologies in the world of nutritional supplements.
    • Taking advantage of the relevant opportunities in the market in order to create a better world of nutritional supplements.
    • Commitment to the highest quality without compromise.
    • A complete belief that the change in consumer culture of dietary supplements will be done by us.
    • A revolutionary approach that will make it easier for each and every one of the customers who will use our products.

    Packaging has always been cumbersome, and supplement companies have focused on marketing rather than consumer goods.

    The world's leading nutritional supplement brands are made up of quality ingredients, but they are lacking in terms of connecting with their customer base. At fitto, we tailor the consumption process individually to the customer and place an emphasis on personalization for each and every one.

    Simplicity, automation and customization.

    1. We eliminate the mess of powders by repackaging the various brands into serving-sized capsules.
    2. The packaging makes the carrying and storage process easier and makes each dish airtight and humid.
    3. The capsule process is done carefully in the brand factories immediately after the production of the powders, in order to maintain freshness and rich taste every time again. But the process does not end here.
    4. With fitto’s app you can customize products and receive reminders that fit into your routine.
    5. Finally, fitto makes it possible to automate repeat orders. Everything is under your control.