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Our story starts from people

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Our Team

It started from personal pain.

Choosing the right supplement from the overwhelming abundance online, carrying plastic bags with the relevant nutrition powder, and storing those big protein cans that quickly expire has become a daily inconvenience.


Then Ari & Yaniv met.

Ari was working in Intel, sitting all day and missing intermediate meals He was trying to gain weight with gainer while being very inconsistent with supplements. Yaniv was operating his self-made company, trying to live a fast but sporty lifestyle, getting frustrated by the whole experience and inconveniences of sports supplements.

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Our journey

Started with a dozen prototypes, traveling to Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles where we've researched and learned from trainees, dietitians, local & international supplement brands. We gathered information about different sizes of gyms & workout studios by working with the top industrial designers and manufacturers from Germany and Israel. We were able to masterfully develop Fitto's first of its kind smart drinking kit for supplements.
We are driven by the belief that we can change the way people consume supplements by making it a clean, convenient, and consistent daily smart experience. 

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When it comes to your supplements, we are here to erase your worries and guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We are the people who

  • Step up
  • Keep perfecting when we feel we can do better 
  • Take ownership in every aspect of our life and business 
  • Believe we can make an impact for our community
  • Set out to bring a personal revolution to each and every supplement user
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