Our story starts from people

It started from a personal difficulty

The process of choosing the right supplement from the wide variety on the web, and the endless recommendations from many brands, have caused utter chaos in purchasing the right product for you.
Preparing plastic bags with pre-proportioned protein powder, storing them in large containers which take up closet space, knowing that all the supplements age when the container is opened, and the repetitive phone reminders to take the protein powder for that workday, these are the building blocks and design idea behind fitto.

When Ari and Yaniv met

Ari, a former IoT project manager at Intel, worked around the clock. Due to the stress and multiple tasks, he inevitably missed out on the snacks. Yaniv, a business owner with an intense lifestyle, tried to combine a healthy lifestyle with the intensive athletics he craves but to no success. From consuming nutrient supplements to mass gainers and protein powders, the two decided to put an end to awkwardness. It all happened in a cafe sometime at the end of 2016. Since then, they have managed to research, live, and study the German, American, and, of course, Israeli supplement market, trainees and coaches.


fitto's journey 

With dozens of prototypes, traveling to Berlin, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, exploration and learning from dietitians, various gyms and brands of local and international nutritional supplements, and working with leading industrial designers and manufacturers in the fields of sports and nutrition from Germany and Israel - culminating in a bottle, smart and elegant, combined with portable capsules substituting the current storage containers used for the various nutritional supplements and powders.
Throughout the journey, the belief that we can change the cumbersome nature of consuming nutritional supplements and protein powders has strengthened us and continues to guide us even today.


We are the type of people that 

  • Initiate to change 
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to do better  
  • Committed to quality  
  • Believe we can make a difference 
  • Embarking on a journey to revolutionize the nutritional supplements and protein powders experience anywhere and anytime 

We are here to minimize the concern regarding nutritional supplements and protein powders, and invite you to join us on a journey to a healthier and more comfortable life.