2 Sleeves | Superfood | Green Smoothie
2 Sleeves | Superfood | Green Smoothie
2 Sleeves | Superfood | Green Smoothie

    2 Sleeves | Superfood | Green Smoothie

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    Vegan Banana Orange Pineapple Pea Protein Wheatgrass Powder Celery Mint Acacia Gum Astragalus Moringa Astragalus Root Psyllium Plant

    2 Sleeves | 10 capsules of Superfood Green Smoothie |

    When fruits, vegetables, and spices are combined, natural freshness is obtained for the body. Recharging the body’s batteries with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for health strengthening. After a workout, as a snack, for a long workday. Our superfoods capsules contain wheatgrass, mint, green fruits and vegetables, and of course astragalus and moringa root

    For a “smoothie’ texture, combine with 250 ml of your desired liquid beverage and wait 2 minutes until complete absorption.

    fitto's capsules contain quality nutritional supplement powders from a variety of leading brands. The encapsulation process is done strictly in the brand factories themselves and under strict quality and production standards. fitto's capsules create an optimal protective shell that ensures powder freshness and flavor over time.

    Using fitto's revolutionary shaker, all that's left to do is: load, pop, shake, and drink!

    Why you should use capsules

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    Max freshness in every use

    Easy mobility for the gym or trips


    Half the amount of plastic than the big tubs

    Easier to pop a capsule anywhere

    Choose a different flavor for every drink

    The right dosage in every serving


    Easy to store the capsule sleeves

    Access to capsules at your local clubs and gyms